Tolworth Tower




Architectural Design


400 Residential Units, 500 sqft Offices, 10,000 sqft Retail, 120 Bed Hotel

Project Description

The Tolworth Tower project involves the redevelopment and re-cladding of an existing twenty-two storey office, hotel and retail complex, which was built by the influential architect Richard Siefert in the 1960’s.

CJCT were commissioned to refurbish and convert the iconic building and bring new life to the existing structure by replacing the external envelope and convert the existing office building into a high quality Build to Rent apartment tower.

Through re-designing the entrance sequence and location the building addresses its surrounding more positively and provides new internal and external amenity space to support its residential uses.

With its exposed location, the design for the re-clad scheme demonstrates high-quality regeneration within the context of Royal Borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames’ planning policy.