Sugar House Island MU4




Architectural Design


Undisclosed Costs


Stratford, London

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Project Description

The wider Sugar House Island site, bounded by water along two of its three sides, is a transformative development of 26 acres of historic East London which aims to deliver 58,000 m2 of office space and 1,200 homes. The MU4 plot sits at the heart of this masterplan and is a key plot on the approach from Sugar House Lane.

The plot consist of two buildings; MU4.1 and MU4.2 which are both the mixed use residential led buildings. These buildings sit adjacent to that of Building 85 which is a non designated heritage asset and to the south of Chimney Walk, which is a key pedestrian vista is running through the masterplan.

The design of the MU4 buildings draws inspiration from the adjacent Building 85 as well as the site’s rich historic context and the oil and colour works which were previously located near the site.