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Room, IT Hub, Studio Technician Room and "Live" Rooms

Project Description

Careyjones was commissioned to facilitate the relocation and expansion of The University of Sheffield’s Department of Musicology into two separately distinctive yet integrated buildings. Soundhouse, the new build part of the development, is a unique black cube structure which forms a landmark music practise and studio facility and reflects the existing inventiveness of the University’s Portobello area.

The pioneering ‘music box’ design creates a stunning piece of architecture that sits well as part of the dynamic urban fabric, respecting important existing and new buildings in the surrounding area. It houses five practise rooms and a percussion room on the ground floor; five practise rooms, IT Hub and Studio Technician room on the first floor and two control rooms, two further practise rooms and two ‘live’ rooms on the second floor.

A visual translation of the acoustic requirements for the facility, the Soundhouse used rubberised tanking as an exposed external membrane.