Northampton Station


Buckinham Construction Group Ltd


Lead Architect (NB: SKM are lead engineer and act as design team leader)


£10 million


Public Facilities: Concourse, Travel Centre, Café, Waiting Room and Bridge Link to Platforms, Retail Units (c250 sqm total), Back of House Office and Train Crew Facilities

Project Description

The redevelopment of Northampton Station aims to deliver a high quality new station building to suit the current and future needs of the town and wider area. The building is to form part of a gateway into the town centre from the west and so we have sought to maximize the scale and massing of the building to reflect this aspiration of the town. The scheme has been designed to work with existing transport infrastructure and understand how this is planned to develop in the future to ensure that all related transport modes.

The new station contains a large public concourse, from which the travel centre, ticket machines, café, waiting room and retail units can be accessed. There is also a large back of house facility containing offices, mess rooms and changing facilities for station staff and train crews alike.