International Investment Bank


German Investment Bank


Full Interior Design Services, search, dur diligence and Fit out

Project Description

CJCT were appointed to this framework in 2004 and have undertaken design work on over 1 million square foot of office space. Among these projects are the search, due diligence and fit-out of 80,000sqft and the refurbishment and restacking of over 200,000sqft in the City of London and the selection as well as the fitting-out of 126,000sqft of newly refurbished offices in Birmingham.

The latter project, completed in 2014, consisted in the design of a new “Centre of Excellence”, featuring 6 floors of office space and a ground floor which includes an impressive new restaurant – cleverly designed to transform into a ‘town hall’ space for broadcasting events. The office floors have been meticulously planned and designed to ensure maximum space efficiency and flexibility for the future.

CJCT worked closely with the Bank’s new workplace standards and have implemented them here to give the staff a more agile working environment by way of central shared meeting spaces, social hubs and quiet working areas. The building also features a command centre and the very first trading operations to be introduced into Birmingham.