Textile Store


University of Leeds


Architectural Design & Delivery


Climate Controlled Conservation Storage Display Areas

Project Description

CJCT was commissioned to develop new spacious premises for the internationally acclaimed University of Leeds Textile Archive.

The conversion of the Grade II Listed building, by Edward Barry, restored and maintained many of the Chapel’s original features such as the ornate curving tracery, exterior carving and open turrets. However, the highly delicate nature of the archive demanded a specific controlled environment. The solution - construct a ‘building within a building’. Taking inspiration from the silk worm, the scheme creates a modern controlled environment whilst maintaining the elegance of the Gothic Revival interior. This ‘conservation ark’ in provides ideal storage for the textiles.

As well as dedicated storage, the scheme features specially designed display cabinets, making it possible to display the University’s aesthetically rich resource to students, members of the general public, designers and manufacturers.