Albion Way


Watkin Jones Group


Architectural Design & Delivery


283 Student Bedrooms, Ground Floor Active Frontage

Albion Way - Angled Windows
Albion Way Arrival
Albion Way Roof Terrace overlooking Wembley Stadium
Albion Way - Student Lounge Interior

Project Description

The Albion Way site falls within the Wembley Growth Area, in the London Borough of Brent, and lies just north-east of Wembley Stadium, sitting on the edge of the consented Wembley Masterplan.
The site has excellent public transport connections to central London, which makes it an ideal location for student accommodation. The existing single storey workshop on the site has been replaced with a seventeen storey building comprising 283 student bedrooms and associated amenity spaces, with active commercial uses at ground floor.

The scheme reinstates the street edges around the site and the scale of the proposal acts as a transitional element between the high rise buildings proposed for the Wembley Masterplan and the existing lower rise residential development to the north and east.

The elevational treatment is calm and ordered in response to the variety of styles coming forward in the wider area. High quality brickwork facades were selected for their robustness and longevity, whilst recessed corbelling subtly creates panels within the brickwork between the fenestration. Deeper recessed panels in the brickwork balance the façades and the crisp brickwork are enlivened by the shadows created by deep window reveals. The result is a well-mannered building that sits comfortably in its context.