4 – 10 Forest Road


Architectural Design & Delivery




353 Bedspaces, Roof Terrace, Communal facilities, 88 Store Cycle Hub, 900 sqm flexible Commercial Space

Project Description

4-10 Forest Road is a student housing scheme proposed next to Blackhorse Road station in Waltham Forest. The scheme delivers 353 student bedspaces along with associated communal facilities and roof terraces, with circa. 900sqm of flexible commercial space and a commuter 88 store cycle Hub.

The site is very constrained with network rail assets to the south and west, TfL car park and station to the east as well as the Victoria Line train tunnels directly under the site and Forest Road to the North. These constraints have driven the linear building which has a north - south aspect. The location of the tunnels has stipulated where the foundation structure can be located and as such has developed in line with the massing, which introduces a 17 storey gateway tower to the west, which announces the entrance to Waltham Forest and in particular the Blackhorse Lane regeneration area. The massing steps down in scale to the east, with a shoulder height of 9 storeys and two further taller elements which are 13 and 10 storeys, corresponding with the forth coming neighbouring context.

The linear building is broken down by varying the height and massing in order to appear as a series of buildings. By changing the materiality tones the shoulder heights are a darker grey brick whilst the prevailing taller elements are a lighter buff brick. The high quality use of materials and simple, well designed detailing creates a scheme which is elegant and contemporary.