Vision Hotel


120 key-room hotel, 80-seat all-day restaurant, 120 seat formal restaurant, bar, lounge, business centre


Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Project Description

The Vision Hotel is a new 4 Stars business hotel concept. The design approach is to create a market leading hotel that becomes a benchmark in terms of design, facilities, hospitality and services in the market.
The concept provides a 120 key room hotel, 2 restaurants, an 80-seat all-day restaurant and a 120 seat formal restaurant together with a bar, lounge and business centre. The design has been tested on two plots in Shymkent. The simple form of the building and repetitive structural grid is designed to allow for high level of prefabrication, speed of construction and cost quality control, whilst helping maximum returns.
Prefabricated bedroom pods, with their monolithic cladding treatment of continuous linear strip glazing and aluminium panels, create an interesting contrast with the highly glazed ground floor frontage, conceived to maximise the views into the public areas.