Granary Wharf


Isis Waterside Regeneration


Masterplan & Architectural Design


£72 million

Project Description

The Granary Wharf site, was regarded as having “no real sense of the promise” by Renaissance Leeds and Leeds City Council; but in 2005 ISIS Waterside Regeneration commissioned CJCT to produce an innovative urban and sustainable masterplan.

CJCT worked directly with Leeds City Council, Yorkshire Forward and other stakeholders through interactive workshops to ensure the master plans positive contribution to the vitality of Leeds. The result is a range of landmark buildings which provide a mix of uses designed to provide architectural diversity appropriate to the City Centre location whilst creating a cohesive whole. CJCT’s Candle House, CZWG’s Waterman’s Place and Allies & Morrison’s Mint Hotel complement each other in form and materiality; sympathetic to the qualities of the viaduct and industrial precedents.

Granary Wharf represents one of the most important developments in Leeds in recent years - pivotal to the regeneration of the city and its waterways.