Cumbria Council Office


Cumbria County Council


Architectural Design & Delivery


Undisclosed Costs


Flexible Office Space, Secure Meeting Rooms and Conference Space

Project Description

CJCT was invited to develop proposals for a new office for Cumbria County Council, allowing the council to reduce their network of 22 sites down to just two.

Taking cues from the architecture of the local context as well as analysis of the historic ‘burgage’ properties once found in the area, the proposals take the form of two linear blocks with a traditional pitched roofscape, connected by an internal street. The design implements a series of positive urban design principles, including a reinforced frontage and public space addressing the street.

The design team developed initial proposals for the look and feel of the internal spaces, including the linear atrium and office spaces, incorporating photography of the Cumbrian landscape to create a stimulating working environment.