Crown Place, Woking


Watkin Jones


Architectural Design


Undisclosed Costs


369 Build to Rent apartments with retail, community use and amenity space

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Project Description

The Crown Place Woking development provides 369 Build to Rent apartments on a redevelopment site in the fast changing town centre of Woking.

The scheme also benefits from 725 sqm of commercial/ retail space, 511 sqm of community space and a variety of internal and external amenity areas located throughout the building.

The site currently functions as an entertainment complex, with community space available as part of the HG Well centre. Its central location within Woking lends itself for development of a high-density mixed-use scheme providing much needed housing within the area.

The site is bounded by Chertsey Road to the south east, Church Street East to the north west, the former Rat and Parrot Public House immediately to the north east and Chobham Road to south west.  The design of the proposed development has been carefully considered, incorporating the immediate, wider and historical context in order to arrive at a scheme which addresses a multitude of constraints and opportunities.

The Conservation Area to the south has informed the design evolution to Cherstey road which has driven the approach taken within the two courtyard areas, this is much more intricate and detailed, responding directly with the immediate context. The form and design of the tower responds more to the wider context of Woking, establishing a relationship with the other emerging tall buildings within the town centre.

The close proximity to Woking station and the town centre make it a perfect opportunity for a successful Build to Rent development.