Canterbury Student Manor


Tide Construction Limited


Lead Architect


396 Bedspaces, Gym, Cinema Room, Games Room, Laundry, Communal Lounge

Project Description

CJCT was appointed to re-evaluate the consented development originally produced by Paul Robert’s Associates. The scheme was redesigned with the intention to maintain the consented massing of the buildings whilst optimising the efficiency of the scheme, introducing amenity and recreational space, addressing the functionality of the site as well as developing the fenestration and materiality of the buildings to further enhance the design in order to compliment the local vernacular.
The delivered development consists of 396 units, comprising cluster bedrooms and studios, across 5 buildings, 10% of which are accessible or adaptable compliant. The buildings are clustered around a central courtyard complex, providing an expansive yet insulated landscaped garden space which is utilised as shared amenity space by the collection of buildings. The landscaped courtyard can be seen as the communal central core for the entire complex, linking all buildings and facilities in order to create a dynamic, versatile space.
This scheme was designed & delivered in 18 months due to the use of modular construction, enabling a time/cost certainty, which for student housing is essential as any delay could cost the scheme an academic year setback.