Thames Road Receives Planning Permission

Last week the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham voted unanimously for a resolution to grant planning permission for our scheme at Thames Road Barking on behalf of Zenith Land. A great result for a true mixed use scheme that co-locates light industrial uses with residential apartments in an exciting area of change.

Located at the northern edge of the River Road Employment Area (RREA), the scheme builds on the site’s industrial heritage and provides a variety of small and medium size light-industrial and commercial units to serve demand in the area. The scheme reinforces wider masterplanning aspirations by creating connections through to the Green Rippleway and coupling with adjacent development sites to enable the borough to deliver the bigger picture vision for the RREA.

The carefully designed layout of the building gives a clear identity to both the 245 new homes and the commercial uses and allows both uses to contribute successfully to the regeneration of the area.

Thames Road Courtyard
Thames Road from Ripple Greenway
Thames Road from Roof Terrace