Crown Place Woking – Planning Succes

On behalf of Watkin Jones Group, CJCT secured planning permission for a new gateway development in the centre of Woking.

The proposals will provide 366 high-quality Build-to-Rent (BTR) homes, along with c.2,000 sqm of commercial and community space at lower levels. The building comprises a contextually sensitive approach which optimises the provision of new homes, revitalises this part of the town centre, and responds sensitively to the surrounding conservation area. Commercial uses and a new community centre are used to activate a public square and pedestrian route at ground level, which will help connect the site to the wider Town Centre. The creation of a landmark building on the site allows the proposals to mark this route from the north-east whilst an Arts and Crafts inspired frontage along Chertsey Road will knit the development into the existing urban grain. These proposals will make an important contribution to the positive regeneration that has already occurred to date within the town centre.

Following a committee over-turn of a positive planning officer recommendation, planning permission was secured at re-determination appeal and upheld on the basis of the very significant planning benefits of the scheme and the quality of the proposed development. The inspector was particularly complimentary on the quality of the design:

”In terms of design, the towers would comprise 3 separate elements with a taller central section and lower and narrower sections wrapping around either end. The verticality of the towers would be articulated by shadow gaps and each structure would be topped with an open crown enclosing a roof garden. The central 28 storey tower would be distinguished from the 22 and 25 storey wings by different coloured brickwork and the bays would be articulated by faceted façade panels. The design has been derived from the concept of organ pipes where the height and size of the structures would reduce at lower levels. In my opinion the tall elements of the proposed development would result in built structures of elegance and quality“

Crown Place Woking - Aerial View