MU2 Site Progress

MU2 comprises three office buildings on the Sugar House Island masterplan in Stratford, east London. The buildings reincarnate traditional brick warehouses that once defined the site character. As the site is redeveloped, the industrial heritage lives strong in our approach to modern industrial construction methods.

Our client, Vastint, has adopted the spirit of industrial innovation and championed the modern industrial practice of modular off-site construction. We have worked closely with client and contractor to deliver the historical architectural references which are important to the integrity of the new buildings and to embrace modern off-site production techniques.

MU2 utilises insulated, three-layer, exterior walls which form part of the building structure along with columns, beams, slabs and stairs – all of which are produced off-site too!

CJCT collaborated with the offsite manufacturing contractor to resolve a structural frame and façade details that meet all the architectural aspirations. Facing brickwork is incorporated into panels with accuracy and speed that cannot be matched in traditional construction techniques. Decorative concrete cladding panels exemplify the quality and consistency that can be achieved.

During Coronavirus lock-downs, off-site production has had the unexpected benefit of maintaining production and limiting the need for working in close quarters. Dedicated assembly teams work on site separately to the production team to reduce the risk of downtime.

As the first floors are assembled at MU2, we are reminded of the rapid on-site progress that is such a benefit of well executed off-site production.

Acknowledgements to our client, Vastint, for embracing off-site construction and to the frame and façade contractor, DEPROM LV for realising our architectural ambitions.

MU Site Construction